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• Severe Weather Alerts
• Campus Closings
• Terrorism/Violence Alerts
• Weather-Related Closings
• Event Cancellations
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Chances are, you'll never actually need to send a terrorism alert...
but SSAlert will prove its usefulness during the next blizzard, tornado warning, flu outbreak, or football game victory.

It's all about education and communication - and as an educational administrator, you know how important they are.

When it's time to send a school alert, you need a system that is fast, reliable and affordable.
Fast    Securely send broadcast alerts to hundreds - even thousands - within minutes. When time is of the essence, you can act with confidence.

Reliable    Every component is backed-up and provided with redundant services.

Affordable    No gimmicks, no glossy brochures, no expensive overhead. We recognize budgets are tight, but your students deserve an effective alert system that is priced right.
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School System Alert can now be purchased online for immediate setup by credit card or by school purchase order.

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You should receive your text alert test on your cell phone within 15 to 30 seconds, depending on your provider's coverage area and signal strength. You may need to select a different carrier type from the list above, as cell phone service providers have different types of texting based on the variety of plans within the same service brand. Opt-in subscribers to our text-alert service will have the opportunity to test their phone the same way, so that the proper service type within their provider brand can be selected. If you have any questions about your text alert test, please
contact us.
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