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  • ALERTS TO YOUR CELL PHONE & PDA: You should receive your text alert on your cell phone within 15 to 30 seconds, depending on your provider's coverage area and signal strength. You may need to select a different carrier type based on the variety of service plans within the same provider brand.
  • ALERTS TO YOUR E-MAIL:  Depending on your e-mail software and Internet service provider, transmission of an alert e-mail can be from 2 to 60 seconds or more. Most e-mail servers are equipped with spam-blocking software and other functions which can delay receipt of e-mails. In addition, you will want to set SSAlert and the test alert you receive as "not spam" and whitelist SSAlert on your safe list for your e-mail account to ensure that future receipt of SSAlert e-mails are not delayed.

If you have any questions about your text alert or e-mail alert, please contact us.

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